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Get up to $300* cash

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So, what sets us apart from the rest?

For starters, you'll get rewarded in more ways than one.

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Get rewarded

BMO AIR MILES Mastercard

BMO® AIR MILES®† Mastercard®*

  • New! Always get 2x the Miles at participating AIR MILES Partners.16C
  • Get up to 800 AIR MILES Bonus Miles
  • Get a 1.99% introductory interest rate on Balance Transfers for 9 months with a 1% transfer fee§

How many Miles can I earn in a year?

How much do you think you’ll spend per month on your card?
$0 $5,000
Use of the AIR MILES calculator is for illustrative purposes only.
Based on the calculation that 20% of spend per month are purchases made at participating AIR MILE Partners. Values displayed as of November 1, 2018.

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total Miles in your first year,
(Including 0 Bonus Miles)

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